Spray plant until spray begins to run off the leaves, then just let it dry.

No need to wipe the foliage down.

Brand X is VERY slippery, so protect any floors under your plants when applying.

Do not use on "fuzzy" leaf plants (ie African Violets).

When spraying for pests be sure to spray where pests are hiding.

When spraying on Ficus the recommend dosage is 3-4 oz/gallon.

Generally make sure the soil is damp before spraying anything on your plant.

Ficus may drop a few leaves after spraying.

Do NOT apply were the sun will shine on any wet leaves.

If spraying twice, wait about 7 days before a second spraying.

Brand X does not poison pests, it just dries them up almost immediately.

Brand X is not toxic to humans or pets.

It is suggested that you do not spray over a body of water with fish.

Brand X as well as cleaning and polishing your plants will also help repel dust.

Brand X falling in the soil of any plant will not harm that plant.

One pint of the concentrate will mix up to about 3 gallons of finished spray.

If you are mixing up just a quart bottle put 1 – 1.5 oz of Brand X in, then add water.

(slightly less for a Ficus…3/4 – 1 oz.)

The concentrate and the mixed up solution can be stored in a cool location for future use.

Brand X is NOT a pesticide, however will have an effect on most pests on your plant.


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